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Where Your Marketing

Dollars Do More Than Get Results.

It Changes Lives!


As we sat around one day discussing the challenges of high priced small business marketing costs we realized how much the shift from traditional methods of advertising had changed.

Change is good but it is in change that past techniques that still produce results with a viable life cycle are overlooked.

During our conversation that day we discussed the challenges our country faces each day with more and more people and families becoming homeless.


We thought about all of the men and women who wanted to earn a decent living and complete an honest day’s work. We knew that these thoughts of helping out others in their time of need was a shared one every decent person would solve if they could.

That’s when we had our AHA moment!!!

Hand Handler Marketing could put a dent in two challenges our country faces. Overpriced Small Business Marketing and giving to a worthwhile cause when able.





You approach a regular intersection on your route and although you would love to give some money water or food you don’t carry cash and have nothing to offer. This person who at the moment may be down on their luck this time has a matching hat, shirt and bag with a simple postcard marketing a small business

He or she hands you a simple postcard, you find out about a small business and the contact info for the Hand-Handler is also there if you would like to donate at a later date via web.



How We Help:

Using our most affordable basic marketing packet as an example – Ms. Business visits our website. She received a postcard from John Adams a Hand-Handler.

She puts in her email and Johns code #. She is directed to the ad packages and chooses the $250.00 packet.

Because John was instrumental in Ms. Business finding out about us he receives 25% of the packet cost. $62.50 (Our Way OF Giving Back).

John also receives 75% of the money donated to him through the website code from the marketing material weekly. ( ex: $20.00 donated he receives $15.00)

John also keeps 100% of the tips / donations he receives while passing out the materials in designated high auto / foot traffic areas. ($10.00 hourly for four hours of Hand-Handling)

John receives free counseling in financial literacy as well as through the various receivers of the marketing materials the opportunity to be placed in a job that fits his qualifications.

Ms. Business has just become a part of this continuous circle of good, as well as business leads waiting to be served by her.

Did we also mention these affordable packages also include online marketing, audio, video and reaches over 100,000 leads monthly?